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Our Community Board of Directors

Betty Chapman – Board President - Regency Resident of 4 years

Bob Terry – Board Vice President - Regency Resident of 10 years

Nora Ivers – Board Treasurer - Regency Resident of 3 years

Pat Parker – Board Secretary - Regency Resident of 3 years

 Marian Paxton – Board Member- Regency Resident of 15 years

Janae Vessely – Board Member, Social Worker, Ivinson Memorial Hospital

Cyndi Stephens – Board Member, Banking Officer, ANB Bank

Regency Executive Director

Kristine Koss

Regency Board Advisors

Jessica Moen Board Medical Advisor 

Craig C. Cook, J.D., Board Legal Advisor

Darbi Neil, Associate Lawyer, Board Legal Advisor

Dr. Michael Peck, Board Business Advisor

Regency Committees


Building & Grounds

Community Builders 

New Wing 

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