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From its boom-town roots as a railhead for the Union Pacific Railroad, Laramie has flourished into a culturel center as the home of the University of Wyoming. The city still maintains its Old West Spirit from the days when it was known as "The Gem City of the Plains". Laramie is a beautiful, friendly and welcoming community with a small-town feel that offers athletic, cultural and educational opportunities otherwise seen in only larger Metropoolitan areas. Laramie is a community of 32,000 people with their lifestyles enhanced with a culture of museums, galleries, theater productions and concert performances. For additional information, please visit the city of Laramie's official Web Page by clicking on the button below:  


Here are few of the sights/activities  of Laramie.


Laramie has 10 parks for her residents. Each park has something unique! 


The area around Laramie has a concentration of delightful museums, historic landmarks and creative monuments. Following are few of the museums:

1. Laramie Plains Museum @ 603 Ivanson Ave. (307) 742-7763  

2. UW Anthropology @ 12th and Lewis

(307) 766-2208

3. UW Geology  Museum  @ S.H. Knight Geology Bldg. (307) 766-2646

4. UW Planetarium @ Physical Science Bldg. (307) 766-2613

5. Wyoming Territorial Prison State Historic Site @ 975 Snowy Range Road (307) 742-6161 (Home of Butch Cassidy for a short time)

6. University of Wyoming Art Museum @ 2111 Willett Drive (307) 766 6622


The only four-year college in the state, the University of Wyoming was founded in 1887 with 42 students and 5 faculty and one building. Today the University has grown to fill 785 acres in the heart Laramie with more than 13,000 students. The following web page can direct you to all of the wonderful activities an and programs available at the University.



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